About Lis

I’m Lis and photography is my creative outlet – my camera has allowed me to capture moments of life and hold onto them forever.

I was born in France, brought up in the UK and came to Lyon in 1999, I recently spent over four years in Singapore before returning to what I call my ‘home town’, Lyon, France.

After many years in the corporate world in human resources and communications, I had the opportunity to start afresh and try something new.   I love people, so portrait photography is my natural specialist area.  After training with three professional photographers in Lyon, all specialising in different domains, I launched my photographic business there.

I’ve since met and worked with a wide variety of wonderful and interesting people. From CEOs, artists and entrepreneurs to families, teenagers and newborn babies, I have loved capturing a professional look, a playful smile, a baby’s yawn or an artist’s creation.  Portraits remain my favourite area and I was lucky enough to work in many international schools in Singapore, where there were thousands of opportunities to capture personalities through my viewfinder!

About Lis

I'm so excited to be back in Lyon and be your French and English speaking photographer. Don't hesitate to get in touch!