Preparing for your photo session

Here are a few hints and tips to make the photo shoot a success:

• Relax! I will help you feel happy in front of the lens. The pre-shoot consultation will address some of the areas that can cause stress and the rest will be on the day.

• Comfort – to get the best images, everyone involved in the photo shoot should feel comfortable in the clothes they are wearing and the poses (not too many set poses, but you may want some).

• Weather! This has to do with comfort too – depending on the season and even the time of day, it can be uncomfortably hot, or very cold.  We will discuss in advance what you would like to wear, just so you can think about adapting clothes to the season and also the results of the photo shoot.  Usually we are not doing a cover photo where you have to dress in skimpy clothes in winter!

• Location – you may feel happiest in your home, even if it’s a temporary home. For the best results, I will need a light and uncluttered space – this could be a lounge, bedroom, balcony. We may need to move things around a little. If you would like a Lyon memory, then these options are possible:
– The red passerelle on the Saône river or any river walkways
– Your house/ apartment/ local park
– One of the many painted walls in the city or the Croix Rousse
– The recently renovated Hôtel Dieu complex

• Clothes – depending on the type of shoot (family, senior, maternity, etc) we will discuss in advance the image and clothes best suited for the shoot. Some things to bear in mind – for a family shoot, try and stick to similar toned colours. I know many little girls will want to wear pink and that’s fine! Aim to avoid fluorescent and clashing colours for the rest of the family. Large logos or cartoon characters are distracting – try and avoid them too. Ideas include all light tops, or all dark tops or a colour theme. There is no need to wear identical clothes. Bring along different outfits and accessories if you would like.

• Hair and make up – I am not trying to drum up business for hairdressers here, but a few clients have regretted not getting that trim or blow dry before the photo session. You can turn the session into a real treat and have hair and make up done on the same day.  I have a make up artist who is an absolute star if you would like a recommendation.  And ladies, check teeth for lipstick marks once you’re ready!

• Small children and babies have their own schedule and smiling on demand is not always part of it! I find that if the parents are relaxed, the children are too. This sounds obvious, but tired and hungry children will be even less responsive. I am used to working with all ages and stopping for a snack or a feed or a nappy change is no problem at all, in fact sometimes it’s compulsory!  Hopefully, on mini shoots we are fast enough to avoid stopping, but kids will be kids!

• Older children – sometimes they are happier when the parents are at a distance! I have been known to send parents out of sight to help the children act more naturally. Apologies in advance!

• Seniors – this is their special time – for young men the hair tip above applies and for young ladies, the full works can apply too – hair / make-up/ mani-pedi. This is a one-off session – we want it to be special for them and for you when you see the results.
PS: to avoid confusion, I mean school age kids, either high school graduates or old enough to have a prom.