What clothes to wear?

FAQ-2Depending on the type of shoot (family, senior, maternity, etc) we will discuss in advance the image and clothes best suited for the shoot. Some things to bear in mind – for a family shoot, try and stick to similar toned colours. I know many little girls will want to wear pink. Aim to avoid fluorescent and clashing colours for the rest of the family. Large logos or cartoon characters are distracting – try and avoid them too.

Ideas include all light tops, or all dark tops or a colour theme. There is no need to wear identical clothes. Bring along different outfits and accessories if you would like.

For a maternity session, simple clingy clothes will show off the bump best.

Seniors will have their own choice of favourite clothes, bearing in mind some of the previous comments.

Newborn babies can be naked or with just a nappy or vest, or you may want to dress them up.

Where will the shoot take place?

gordon-3857This is up to you. You may feel happiest in your home, even if it’s a temporary home.
For the best results, I will need a light and uncluttered space – this could be a lounge, bedroom, balcony. We may need to move things around a little.

If you would like a Lyon memory, then these options are possible:

  • The red passerelle on the Saône river or any river walkways
  • Your house/ apartment/ local park
  • One of the many painted walls in the city or the Croix Rousse
  • The recently renovated Hôtel Dieu complex

I also have a mobile studio, so can set that up in a room if that is what you prefer.

What does ‘post production editing’ mean?

family-0522Everyone wants to look their best in the photos and sometimes a scratch or break out can spoil that. My aim is to smooth skin a little, remove minor imperfections and lighten or brighten if necessary. The images will reflect the real you, at your best.