My father-in-law was from Hong Kong – I never met him – we did a quick trip to the island to see some sights, eat cantonese food and return to my husband’s roots.   Here are a few of my impressions.



A lot of the island looks like this – shiny and new – just like Singapore



Modern architecture – state of the art designs – shopping malls – glass and chrome everywhere – not the Hong Kong my father-in-law and his brothers knew as they grew up here before the second world war



We sneaked into this high speed lift to see the view, which is pretty impressive! I think it’s the Hopewell Centre.



Hong Kong Fire station – “Folding doors – Keep clear” – but of course



This might have been something they knew – the Hong Kong tram started in 1904 – the advertising a little later



Higgledy, piggledy – lots of little square windows all close together, all concealing family lives and personal stories. This is definitely not Singapore!



The Blue House was built in the 1920s and used surplus blue paint provided by the government. So this would have been similar to the home where they grew up. Their home no longer exists, but we visited the street with my husband’s uncle.



This tenement block gave me a better feel for the real Hong Kong, as well as the street markets. It is a vibrant city and another place I would like to explore more.



Saving the best for last! This gave me a new perspective on ‘Fresh and Organic’! Enjoy!